We are inspired by the natural world and using recycled and found objects to create beautiful things that people want and need. Our ethos is “if we don’t want to keep it, we won’t sell it”. I have a background in art and gardening and love anything creative and my partner has a background in engineering and loves tinkering and helping to make my designs become a reality. We are based in the South West of England and try to source most of our materials in Britain or from British companies. We strive to make our business as ethical as possible in order to protect the natural world around us.

Check out our bee friendly designs.

What is Foxgloves and Feathers?

IMG_1634Foxgloves and Feathers is a new and exciting venture, opening soon, and inspired by the natural world. We make an eclectic mix of artisan gifts, jewellery and decorations and also create some items of furniture. We use a wide range of materials and methods to create the products including recycled and found objects.

Why Foxgloves and Feathers?

I love camping and a recent camping trip to deepest, darkest Wales inspired the name Foxgloves and Feathers as most of the trip was spent in the woods surrounded by foxgloves and building a large collection of Feathers.

Thank you for visiting us,

Jo x