Halloween horrors.

If you are stuck for things to do and have exhausted the pumpkin carving and long for something that isn’t going to rot and get stinky then this might be just the project for you. All you need is a piece of card, such as a cereal box, newspaper, PVA and paint (cheap and simple!) This is also a great project for kids.

Once you have everything you need you can begin to design your ghoul or goblin.

1.Make sure that you have a basic image from at least straight on and profile, this will give you a better idea of your designs 3D qualities.  It actually helps at this point to have a very simple drawing as this will make construction easier.

2.Draw a basic outline of your shape on your piece of card (an oval or egg shape for example)

3.Using tightly screwed up newspaper and PVA begin by building up the basic elements of your ghoul, these are likely to be the forehead, cheeks and chin (depending on the design). If you are not sure which parts to start off with draw your design in profile which should help. Things like the nose and horns or other extremities can be added later, on top of your basic structure. It helps to leave a dent for the eye sockets and mouth area to give a bit of depth.

4. Here is where it gets more exciting! Now you can begin to build up your features. You can begin by adding screwed up newspaper, as before, but you are likely to need smaller pieces in order to keep the shape you a looking for. The chin, nose and cheeks will need to be built up a bit like a pyramid if pointy features are what you are going for but if you want a more troll like creature you could use larger pieces of screwed up paper to create a rounded look. Get creative and make it your own by combining these techniques.

5. Once you are happy with your creatures construction it’s time to start smoothing it off to give it it’s final skin. For this you will need (Yes! you’ve guessed it) more newspaper and PVA glue. This time tear it into strips and coat, as you apply them to your structure, with PVA glue. Make sure that you don’t lose the fantastic shapes you have built up by gently smoothing it onto the surface making sure that you follow all the undulations. Keep doing this until you have covered the whole surface. At this point you will have an eyeless, earless and possibly browless creature which is exactly what you need at this stage. Leave over night or at least for a few hours to dry.

6. Now that your featureless creature is dry you can add your final details using the same methods as you have already practiced. For instance a brow line can be made using twisted newspaper to form a sort of sausage shape which can be glued in place and covered with newspaper strips to get your desired shape. Also, teeth can be made by twisting the end of a small piece of newspaper with a little glue to create a point.

7. Now I know you still have no ears and eyes so this is the bit we will tackle. There should be some fabulous eye sockets all ready for you to pop in your eyeballs. To make these screw up two equal size pieces of newspaper but try to make them a round as possible then coat in a little PVA and use a piece of newspaper a little bigger than your newspaper eyeball and wrap it around to create a lovely smooth surface ( you can twist the paper at the back of the eyeball to secure ) if there is some excess paper you can tear or cut it off. Now add some PVA to the back of the eyeball and pop them into the eye sockets, you want them to be a fairly tight fit. Add another layer or so of newspaper if you feel the eyeballs are too small for your taste. To make the ears you can use the same methods by balling and twisting newspaper to form your desired shape again coat with PVA and strips of newspaper then glue in place. Leave to dry!

8. This is the really fun part because you get to paint your ghoul or creature. Use acrylic paints as these will easily cover the PVA which watercolours and poster paints will not, as it is water resistant. Really use your imagination and blend colours together to give even more depth and character to your creation.