Gems of the sea

Oh beautiful gems from the sea! Once you may have been a bottle of beer but now you can be anything you want! Well within reason anyway. Since I came back from the beach with quite a haul of seaglass the other day I have been trying to decide what to do with it.

I’ve discovered that seaglass is quite complicated. You can, apparently, grade it as ‘jewellery grade’ A & B and ‘craft grade’ A & B also from 1 to 5 and probably a few other ways too.

20151008_161154The rounded bits with no defects, like the one in the foreground of the pic is jewellery grade A (as far as I can tell). I have a couple of grade B (I think) too but the rest is not amazing. I only have common colours (apart from a large chunk of olive coloured glass and a small piece of cobalt blue) The rarest colours seem to be things like red, purple and yellow (which I thought I had until I washed it). There is even fake seaglass out there (who knew!) obviously not on the beach though. I think it’s pretty likely to be genuine seaglass if it’s found on a beach.

Generally I would say that anything fairly well frosted, rounded and without chips would be good for jewellery but I have a couple of bits that aren’t totally frosted but look really interesting so I will use them too.

I found all this stuff out last night at about 3 in the morning as I couldn’t sleep. Good website is

More very soon!