In need of inspiration!

Having a blogging blockage so off to the beach to collect driftwood and other interesting stuff. I will get back to you when I return (hopefully I might have something interesting to say by then) I have currently lost the power of spelling and doing anything else even vaguely useful. Argggh!

Well that was certainly time well spent. The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting (which reminds me of something else I have to do!) and we even managed to stop off briefly for a well earned drink.File13

We scoured the tideline amongst the seaweed for driftwood and kept an eye out for seaglass as we picked our way along the beach. Alan was brilliant, partly because he remembered to check the tide times but also as an extra set of eyes (well at least for things fairly close up!). He also carried our spoils home and checked for hitch hikers, namely spiders and other crawling things.

Loads of new ideas and I feel human again. 🙂

Only a month until the official launch of Foxgloves & Feathers! 23rd October.

Best wishes

Jo x